11 Freelancer Businesses You Can Stat For Free


Are you thinking about starting a freelance business for free? Alright, you are not alone.

Several people around the world are sidestepping their fears and moving away from their 9 to 5 lifestyle opting to make money on their own from their passion and skills. With the demand for more freelancers on the rise, it is crucial that any aspiring freelancer knows what type of freelance business they can start for free.

Below are some of the most online businesses they can start -did I say for free!

  1. Blogging

Many entertainment and business sites will always be looking for freelancers to write for them.

You can decide to venture into resident blogging where you can always get hired and earn a good salary.

You can also start your blog and attract traffic to your site, monetize your website and convert it into a profitable business.

  1. Teaching

Teaching is a freelance job you can always do to help you generate income. For instance, if you know more than one language and have writing skills or have other types of skills that are teachable, some individuals will always be on the lookout for your assistance and are ready to pay for your services.

You will be amazed how folks are willing to part with huge amounts just to get your service.

  1. Interpretation

There are times when people will be in need of real-time translation. For example, interpretation services come in handy during important business meetings or political summits.

Previously, interpreters used to perform these tasks in person. However, with the advancement of technology and emergence of online group calls, one can easily do interpretation remotely on a freelance basis. Fantastic

  1. Advertising Copywriting

Writing web copy that gets clicks is never easy. Several business owners don’t know what they can write for their advertising copy to get good results. In case you are an expert in advertising, you can always offer your promotion copywriting services at a fee.

  1. Tutoring

You necessarily do not have to be an expert at something to help others learn but you can learn from others, put a tutorial together and launch it for guys to subscribe.

Some individuals are always in need of tutors at particular subjects. Today, several tutoring jobs are being posted on different freelance online sites you can always bid on.

  1. Translation

Today’s economy is more global than ever. This has increased business opportunities for translators. In case you speak and understand French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese or any other global language, you can always get translating gigs on different freelance websites.

Many freelancers are earning decent amount translating on a freelance basis.

  1. Graphics Designing

The demand for freelance graphic designers is on the rise. The number of people in need of blog post cover photos, logos, infographics, memes and much more is quite high.

Freelance graphic designers are ranked among the highest online freelance earners today.

It is a field you can venture into and earn a decent income right from your home.

  1. Virtual Assistant Work

Businesses are always in need of all sorts of administrative tasks like customer service, email monitoring and processing, balancing of books and issuance of invoices and list is endless.

With technological advancement, all these things can be done remotely. You can always work as a virtual assistant for a business or split your time working for several businesses.

  1. Travel Consultant

Are you a well-traveled person and looking for a freelance online business? Well, you may consider making other people’s travel experience a lot smoother.

You can work from the comfort of your home helping people plan their vacation and help them in booking their trips to different attraction sites and hotels.

  1. Social Media Marketing

This is considered to be one of the primary marketing tools for most business. However, new platforms are quickly popping up while the old ones are transforming their features to cope with advancement in technology.

By being a freelancer in social media marketing niche, you can assist firms to understand ways they can put their Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account to good use.

You can help them know how to achieve their business goals using these social media platforms.

  1. Photo Editing

Are you an expert in photoshop?  Well, you can use your photoshop skills to earn a decent income right from your home offering your photo editing services online. Many people are always in need of vanity photo touchups and different types of modifications in their photos yet they don’t have time, skill or resources to do that by themselves.

There are jobs which are known to work better as the freelance business than others. All the jobs listed above are always on high demand and have been successful in the freelance industry for years. Starting freelance business is cheap if not free, fast and simple; all you have to get is a desktop or laptop and reliable internet connection.





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