5 Major Obstacles to freelancers and How to Overcome


Are you having problems getting your freelance business off the ground? Well, several people are getting into the freelance business, but their dreams are cut short due to many obstacles they encounter.

Try imagining having to look for more clients, talking to your marketing department, having to work on some unpaid invoices. All these can put a lot of stress on you which can make it difficult for you to realize success in your freelance business.

Below are some of the major obstacles most freelancers face and ways to overcome them.

  1. Isolation

All humans are social beings. Even when they are working on their own, they would like to be surrounded by like-minded individuals so that they can discuss ideas, talk about concepts, get and give feedbacks and borrow each other’s brains. However, working from home can easily make one feel isolated.

Nevertheless, you can overcome this by renting a desk at a co-working space or spending some of your time at a coffee shop with your colleagues.  You can also join message boards and professional forums to discuss ideas and freelancer concepts with other like-minded professionals.

  1. Time Management

In freelancing, you are your own timekeeper. Have you ever imagined working from your home yet your favorite TV program is on or your favorite music is playing?  How about a friend visiting when you are busy on a project?

Alright, to ensure you properly manage your time, it is crucial that you set your working hours and abide by it. You can either do that by manually setting the alarm or using a special timekeeping App.

  1. Handling Unpleasant Customers

For instance, when working in an office and encounter an unpleasant client that is difficult to handle, you will always have a support system to fall back to. You can quickly reach out to your fellow workers to help you out. However, this is never an option in the freelancing world. You will face the hard clients head on, all by yourself.

One way you can overcome unpleasant customers is by effective communication. Most customers get fussy when there is a problem with communication between you and them.

Always try figuring out what the reason is in case of any misunderstanding and try solving it quickly.

  1. Delegating

Delegating is never a big issue when you are working in an office with a team. However, when you are freelancing, you will have to get a subcontractor to delegate some work to him.

However, there are times when the subcontractor might do shoddy work and terrible mistakes, miss deadlines or overcharge you.

You can overcome this by pre-screening your subcontractors and partners before you delegate any tasks. You can consider people who you have previously worked, or better yet, get referrals from well-known freelancers.

  1. Language Barrier

You will always be working with clients from different countries, speaking different languages and of different cultures.   There are several things which can go wrong when communication is not good.  You can overcome this by exchanging several chats, email and phone calls with your client to ensure everything is crystal clear.

You will always face different types of challenges in whatever field you are in. Some people are tired of the stress associated with day jobs, turned to freelancing expecting a breeze. Problems are inevitable, but it’s quite relieving that every challenge has a possible way out. And this means you can still shine in your freelancing endeavors.



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