Are You Are Freelancer Writer? Don’t Do These Things


The internet is full of several tips on how freelancers can grow their business. How about articles listing things you should avoid?

In this article, I will provide you with some of the Don’ts of a freelance writer.

Read On.

  1. Never be your client’s Plaything

Let the clients value your work by honoring the terms agreed. Inform them of your expectations in advance, so that you may set perceptive with which they will look at you.

While doing that, ensure you offer the best you can, and if possible exceed their expectations.  Never please the client with your hard work without getting paid for it, and should they insist on free services, allow them move on.

Several freelancers are eager to please their clients that they think you are desperate.

(And maybe you are, but showing it leads to unnecessary exploitation).

Stick to the terms.

  1. Never Start A Job That Will Take More Than A Day Without A Deposit

There are times when you will be screwed up by your client especially those who insist on working outside freelancing platforms.  For sure, there are times when it will happen, but you have to work on reducing the number of times you get robbed.  Taking deposit is at times tricky since the client does not trust you and you also do not have trust in them. In case the task you will be working on will take more than a day, it is advisable that you take half the amount as a deposit.

Or better yet, split the work and make the terms Pay On Delivery (POD).

  1. Never Accept Pittance Pay

There is fierce competition in the online market, and there are times when you will be shocked by what your competitors charge for a service.

Several people in the online market will charge peanuts for tasks that take their time and significant efforts. However, this should not be a reason for you to accept pittance pay. You are the first person to value your work, then convince others to join you.

  1. Do not forget you are in Charge

It is important that you know you are not employed in a factory or shop. You are in control of your freelance career. You determine how, when and what to be done. As much as you try to keep your clients, you should consider finding others that pay way better than previous ones. Always know that you are in charge.

Whether you are just starting off or you are a professional freelance writer interested in enhancing your business or skills, the above don’ts will help you stay focused and ensure you get top-notch clients who value your efforts.



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